I'm New

Welcome to Resonate Life Church! 


A messge from our members:

We all were all "NEW" the first day we set foot in this church. At that time, perhaps like you, each of us were checking this church out! But each of us sensed something special here.

Actually, we sensed SOMEONE special, the presence of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. We sensed integrity, love and the solid teaching of God's Word. That was the day for each of us, at different times, and different stages of our lives, single or married, divorced or seperated, working or retired,  that we became a part of the Resonate Life Family! 

That's why we encourage you to explore our church website to learn more about our church and what we can offer to you as a valued single person, or to you and your amazing family. 

We know that you will find God in a relevant and real way in all that we do! We also know that you will find loving and accepting friends. Maybe you will even find friends for a lifetime

We would love to meet you when you visit us at our next service. This is your personal invitation to come visit!


  Resonate Life Church

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                                      Renewing Minds                                  

                                                         Restoring Lives